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Regenerative Agro-Ecosystems and Micro Food Production 

Regenerative Food Production

First Nation Community Led

Local Food footprint


Fresh Food

Sustainable Lifestyle

Clean Food

Our team works closely with Community supporting ethical engagement in First Nation food production, research and applications. We provide custom sustainable growing solutions for residential and commercial applications. Whether it be a First Nations inspired edible garden or If you are looking for daily fresh food on demand we have a variety of aquaponic, hydroponic and micro green lease or purchase options with implementation and maintenance of the systems provided by our team.

Participate in the First Nations food revolution today!

Our team will help you to realize the potential in growing endemic foods to suit the diversity of modern living! 

Property Conversion

Provide the services for regenerative food forest applications for property conversions to micro and urban farming applications


Our team help you manage the development and incorporation of endemic species of fish to complement your food production in micro and urban farming applications.


Custom hydroponic solutions for indoor or outdoor food production. Our service providing value for micro and urban farming applications

Micro Greens

Micro green solutions for the home and business. Nutritious and delicious addition for meals and salads!

Capacity Assessments and Consultant Reporting

Our consultants can provide capacity assessment and reporting if you are unsure about your options for residential and commercial food opportunities. We aim to provide a clearer understanding of Country, its Community or enterprise capacity in terms of strengths, opportunity and available assets. We provide our structured approach for analyzing capacity across key areas including individuals, organizations, enabling environments and commercial feasibility.

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